Our philosophy is based on creating and providing unique experiences to our customers, by utilizing three fundamental elements: Villa, Yachting, Culture. These three elements are not simply offered as options, but inextricably connected to the creation of a unique DNA in each experience.

We like to convey this philosophy to our partners and customers through the following words:

  • Not A Villa Agent.
  • Not A Travel Agent.
  • But An Experience Provider.

The Villas

The villas are a structural element in our model and the beginning of each experience for the visitor. They are carefully selected properties that are consistent and seamlessly serve our philosophy through their geographical location, their special features that offer high levels of hospitality and their environmental friendliness.

The owners of the villas are our partners and companions in this effort to provide high value services, through the creation of personal relationships and mutual benefit. Understanding the needs and priorities of each owner helps us to design flexible and efficient partnership frameworks. The aim is to ensure the maximum benefit to each owner, in financial terms but also in highlighting the villa and in visitors’ satisfaction.

We believe that the new legislative framework provides significant opportunities for villa owners, particularly for properties that did not constitute from the outset investment initiatives for commercial exploitation, for their sustainable conservation, maintenance and operation, while promoting it to visitors from around the world. This can be achieved without losing the personal character of the property or its personal use.