Buying a property should be an experience itself – for the buyer and the agency. The villas in Greece team will always reciprocate the trust placed on us by prospective buyers, through honesty in advice, knowledge in the market, opportunities in the investment and commitment in identifying and securing the dream villa for everyone.

Buyer Agent

Our journey for promoting unique villas in Greece to the international markets, often starts by acting as a Buyer Agent, with the aim of seeking, identifying and securing the dream villa for demanding clients.

Our engagement with prospective buyers is initiated through a thorough and in-depth discussion (most times face to face) regarding their aims, vision, future plans and specific needs regarding a villa property. More importantly, we will seek to gain an excellent understanding of their personalities, their family priorities, their lifestyle, their hobbies and what excites them, their holiday preferences and experiences. It is only then that we can embark on our mission in identifying the perfect match for our client – a villa that hosts experiences.

Our approach is combining the above knowledge with our skills, passion, service excellence, partners’ network and local leads, to efficiently identify properties that match our client. We then discuss with them and help them narrow down their options, before we arrange their personal visits to the selected villas, always with our assistance and support. This stage is a dynamic, two-way relationship, always responding accordingly to our client’s feedback and any new guidance, explicit or not.

With the client selecting a unique villa, we then work hard to secure it on the best possible terms, followed by our guidance and support on all matters relating to the purchase process administration.

Throughout our engagement, villas in Greece will always offer our services with the client’s best interests in mind, integrity and honesty, while a dedicated advisor will coordinate the whole process.

Property Valuation

A villa, irrespective of its intended use – personal use, commercial exploitation or both, will always be a significant investment and valuable asset. As with every asset procurement, determining the ‘fair’ asset value is a critical parameter to a successful investment.

Property prices, especially in tourist areas, tend to follow local market trends and personal sentiment, disengaged from key valuation considerations for a property’s fair price, such as:

  • the wider socioeconomic environment,
  • the destination’s brand, prospects and outlook,
  • tourism trends (nationally and locally),
  • infrastructure and service developments in the area,
  • emerging markets of overseas buyers in Greece,
  • potential for commercial exploitation,
  • unique characteristics.

As a result, a villa’s ‘fair value’ can often be elusive and certainly a rather complex exercise in determining it. Note that a villa could be undervalued, as much as overvalued!

We take pride in offering an insightful and innovative property valuation service that goes beyond the current price trend or sentiment and the property’s characteristics, towards a conclusive approach in determining the explicit and potential hidden value. We are especially open-minded for in emerging areas across Greece that could become the next tourist and property hotspots.

Property Assessment

Buying a villa, for personal use or as an investment, should be based on a sound property integrity investigation. This will not only provide an accurate indication of the property’s “value for money” credentials but will also reveal any long-term areas of concern.

Our inspection approach is not restricted to the overall condition of the property but covers key areas that determine the villa’s long term trouble-free viability. Among other, our team will investigate:

  • Building integrity against regulations, especially for older properties and areas that have been added to the building at a later date.
  • Building areas against the originally submitted plans and any tax/penalty implications in cases of non-conformances.
  • Survey of plot boundaries.
  • Survey planning permission in surrounding plots.
  • Land use against regulations.
  • Forest and archeological services clearances.
  • Connection to the utility services and networks against regulations.

Buyer Representation

Buying a property from overseas may require significant additional resources (time and money) for the buyer’s physical attendance during the required transaction actions, while lack of Greek language knowledge will add further complications to the overall experience.

Taking advantage of the options offered within the Greek legal framework, villas in Greece and our network of affiliate professionals (as required) can offer an effective and risk-free Buyer Representation & Negotiation service, from the simpler process administration tasks to the majority of the official and statutory actions during the transaction. We strongly believe, considering cultural and administrative differences between countries, that Buyer Representation is a significant asset for an enhanced and cost-effective buying experience.

In all instances that representation is required, our actions are carried out with prior consultation with the buyer, their explicit agreement to proceed and detailed post-action briefing on the outcome.

Transaction support

With an excellent knowledge of the latest transaction prerequisites for buying a property in Greece, through in-house expertise and our network of affiliate experienced professionals, villas in Greece can offer a comprehensive framework of transaction support services, designed for the specific needs of each buyer for a safe, efficient and cost-effective transaction.

  • Legal
  • Notary Public
  • Surveying
  • Banking
  • Taxation & Accounting
  • Land registration

Other Services

Recognizing the complexities introduced by property ownership, we put our skills, expertise and ideas in the service of all prospective buyers, beyond the scope of a traditional service offering. As an integral part of our practice, we research, accumulate knowledge, identify best practices and seek partners that allow us to offer Advisory & Consulting, Construction Management, Turnkey projects, Feasibility studies and Investment analysis.

  • Market research
  • Design & Engineering consulting
  • Construction Project Management
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Feasibility & Investment analysis