Area overview:

“One of the most beautiful towns in eastern Peloponnese as well as one of the most romantic cities all over Greece, Nafplio was the first capital of the newly born Greek state between 1823 and 1834.”

Vibrant through out the year, the city is a popular destination for city breaks with a rich shopping district, restaurants and night life.

“The town’s history traces back to the prehistoric era when soldiers from here participated in the Argonautic expedition and the Trojan War alike. The town declined during the Roman times and flourished again during the Byzantine times. Frankish, Venetian and Turkish conquerors left their mark in the town and strongly influenced its culture, architecture and traditions during the centuries. Ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments and statues, Ottoman fountains and Venetian or neoclassical buildings mesmerize the visitor with their unique architecture and beauty.”

Location / accessibility:

Easily accessible from Athens, Athens International airport is just 170km away – 1h 30min, it offers a variety of popular beach front areas in a radius of 30km.

“Náfplio is approximately 136 km – 85 miles away from Athens. You can reach the town either by car or by suburban buses (KTEL) departing regularly from Kifissos bus station. (More information at”

“Mosaic – Villas in Greece” view:

The “Mosaic – Villas in Greece” team has identified a series of areas around Nafplio city which are ideal for your Greek home. Offering easy all year round access, proximity to a vibrant / picturesque city with all amenities, we strongly believe that these areas should be definitely considered.
• all year round access from Athens and Athens International Airport (aprox. 2 h) by a newly constructed motorway system
• Nafplio is an all year round vibrant city with a high standard of living (good shopping market, nice restaurants, hospital, amenities……….
• A popular city break destination
• Moderate climate
• a series of summer and winter destinations to visit in an hours proximity
• a fertile area full off olive groves, wineries, orange – lemon & mandarin plantations, definitely a place to enjoy fresh Mediterranean diet
• close to Epidaurus ancient theater, someone could enjoy some of the Worlds most famous plays
• Mycenes, Argos ancient theater, Nemea Ancient Stadium, Herodes Atticus’ Villa in Ancient Eva of Kynouria are places with unique historic value that bespeak the importance of the area


Nafplio villa typology

Even though the city center is famous for its historic center with a series of neoclassical buildings, there is no characteristic villa typology in the area. The level of architectural design and fine detailing has to be questioned in all new developments.

Using traditional materials in a modern way, the “Mosaic – villas in Greece” team has designed and completed a series of modern villas in the area, “Mediterranean Modern typology”. Our designs principals include:
• a unique relationship “a play” between internal and external spaces,
• a functional layout adjusted to every plot
• use of traditional materials in a modern way
• big glass openings offering great views
• simplicity and elegance in every detail
• eco-friendly solutions for low maintenance cost